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Mini Kids



Virtual Camp Meeting 2020

If you would like to participate in the kids programs during Virtual Camp Meeting, don't forget to preregister here!

Children's Divisions Schedule



Here's a special singalong from down by the riverside, just for you!


Kids Zone

Join our friends at Church in the Valley for a live stream of their 10:00 kids program!  This page also includes a list of resources to have on hand for the Sabbath School.

Beginner Sabbath School Lessons (birth-2)

This website has both student and teacher editions of the weekly lessons specially designed for this special age range.

Kindergarten Sabbath School Lessons (3-4)

In addition to teacher and student lessons, this website also includes a weekly video made especially to supplement each theme.

SDA Children's Ministries

This is an incredible website packed full of resources and idea for running your children's ministries from home.  You'll find everything from craft ideas, to VBS, to Sabbath School resources, to fun activity pages.  This page is highly recommended for all parents who need to "homeschool" Sabbath School over these next several weeks!

Non-Denominational Children's Ministries

Although not an SDA website, this is another great resource for parents who are providing Sabbath School at home during this crisis.  It has crafts, games, lesson and outreach ideas, as well as teaching tips.

Grace Link Happy Kids Puzzle

Super fun little Bible puzzles for the little ones.  Check them out!

Home(Sabbath)School Coloring Project!

Here is a link to a free coloring booklet from  We encourage you to go to the website, print the booklet, and color the letters.  When this is all over and we get to meet together again at our church, we'll collect these letters, put them up, and celebrate how God has brought us through this!


Bible Alphabet Coloring Pages