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Lifting up Jesus in our community.


  • As you probably know, the most recent Provincial Health Variance has given us the great opportunity to once again gather in person!  We will be making a return to our Teams from last year.  Keep an eye on the Facebook page throughout this week for more developments and news on this front!


  • Hi Church family!
    The moment you all have been waiting for.
    Our first Community workbee is on June 4 at 3pm. and June 7 at 3pm
    There is a person in Moberley Lake that is needing to have a garbage run done to the Chetwynd Landfill. We would like to see at least 3 trucks there if possible and some hands to help load the trucks up. This next week is free dumping at the landfill. So we want to take the opportunity to use the pitch in week.
    The landfill is only open certain days of the week so this one does make it challenging to accomplish it.
    If you able to help out please let me know. Earlier time is also a possibility on both days.
    Our second Community workbee is for a 4x10 log corded raised garden bed. For this one, there is the log placement and filling the bed with dirt. The logs and the dirt is already available it is just the transporting it down to their place.
    One of the things we are looking for is if there are any potatoes or onions they could spare or maybe a few flowers that we could put in the bed for the elderly.
    We will have a date coming soon for the second Community Workbee.
    Please let me know if either workbee works out for you.
    Thank you!
    Tyler Kinsey


  • The BC Conference has given us the opportunity to receive 5:1 matching funds for all we raise for the school up to $25,000.  This means, if we can raise $25,000, we receive $125,000.  The is great news and completely doable for a community like us.  To donate, either contact Stacy at the school, or on your tithe envelope write Peace Christian School.  The deadline for raising this money is June 30.  So far we're about half way there!  Let's do this together!


  • Prayer Meeting is back!  Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 7.  Click here for the link.


  • The New Sabbath School Quarterlies are here!  If you would like one, they are sitting in the arctic entry at Peace Christian School.  If you cannot get out to the school, please contact Pastor D and he can help one find its way to you.


  • The British Columbia Conference are having a Virtual Camp Meeting from Wednesday, July 28 thru to Sabbath, July 31.  This Camp Meeting is a FREE event for all ages.
    For all info pertaining to Camp Meeting, please visit our Camp Meeting website at
  • Important: To participate in the Youth programs, please visit the website here and fill out the waivers by July 26 at 8:00 am.


  • Camp Meeting Reservations:
    All 2021 Camp Meeting registrations will automatically be rolled over to 2022. If you do not wish to forward your registration to 2022, please send us an email at to request a cancel and refund. However, please note that once you cancel your 2021 Camp Meeting registration, the site will be released permanently and given to anyone who is looking for a site for next year’s camp meeting on a first-come, first-serve basis.


  • The church has voted to suspend the nominating committee process for this year and continue with our current list of leaders for the next calendar year.  If you are interested in stepping up and helping out in a certain role, contact Pastor D.  It is a perfect year to try something new out!


  • The offering this coming Sabbath is for The Local Church Budget.  Click here to give online!


  • Thank you for your support in paying for our church renovations!  Thanks to your kindness, the new reno's are fully paid for.  If you would like to continue giving to the church building fund to help pay off our new classrooms and gym (and by proxy, a permanent church space), please mark your tithe envelopes 'Loan Payment'.


  • This coming Sabbath, regardless of your team, we would be thrilled to welcome you to our service on the Chetwynd Seventh-day Adventist Church Facebook page.


  • If anybody is interested in doing a children's story, either live or pre-recorded, please contact Linda Berezowski or Dawn Astleford.  Likewise, if you would like to do a special music, please contact Pastor D.


  • Are you ready to go get yourself some Post Secondary Christian education?  Consider Burman University!


  • If you missed church this week, then we missed you, but you don't have to miss out.  Check out The Weekly Word to catch up on anything you missed!


  • Please note, that due to a glitch in the website, everything in church calendar is actually posted 2 hours early.  While being here 2 hours early will ensure that you have a good spot, it may not necessarily be the most fulfilling use of your time.


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